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Our vision is to help schools become the safest & best place for children.

Our story

In 2020, our founder heard about two suicide incidents in his vicinity. The events raised questions such as how many suffer from mental illness? How can one detect it and help these people before it is too late? He decided to create the tool Skolado to prevent mental illness among children.


A child's first years.

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The first years of a child's upbringing can greatly affect the child's well-being when he becomes an adult. Unfortunately, mental illness is increasing among children. Skolado wants to help schools know how the children are doing at school in real-time and quickly find out which measures have a positive effect. This is so that the schools can use their resources in the best way.

One summer. A solution.

Skolado is used today by many municipalities, primary schools and student health teams. The goal is for the Skolado tool to help schools become safer for children and reduce bullying. The tool is developed together with Örebro University's innovation office. The vision is for Skolado to become a platform that significantly contributes to the reduction of mental illness in children in Sweden and the rest of the world.

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