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A municipality where all students want to go to school.

Skolado enables a simple and smart method for you to measure how all students are doing in the schools in the municipality. You can follow the development of the school environment for all your schools over time and find out how you can best use the resources for the best results.

Skolado prototyp för skolor
Pil 1

Fun & child-friendly survey

The students answer questions about how they experience school with the help of child-friendly games. Skolado offers ready-made research-based surveys that are comprehensive for the school environment. It is of course also possible to create your own surveys.

Pil 2

The answers are compiled for the schools.

The students' answers are compiled completely automatically for the schools. The school staff gets a smart display of the answers where they can see how the school is doing according to different subjects. Skolado makes it easy for the school to know where to direct their resources to achieve the best school environment and which measures work.

Pil 3

The municipality gets to know how all students experience the school.

​Municipalities get an account where they can see and follow the progress of all their schools in real time. You can filter the results by school, grade and gender.

With Skolado, the municipality can quickly find out how the students are doing and where they can direct resources to develop.

Selection of municipalities that use Skolado

Kumla kommun väljer Skolado
Degerfors kommun använder Skolado
Ljusnarsberg kommun väljer Skolado
Härjedalen kommun väljer Skolado

A safe and secure platform.

We have ensured that Skolado complies with GDPR regulations with the help of the best IT law firms and the municipalities that use the tool.


You are always welcome to book an appointment to see a demo or contact us if you have any questions. The meeting is simple and appreciated by the schools.

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